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Content Writing Services

Content is king. This has never been so relevant in the World Wide Web today. These days, what you write on your website becomes a tool not only to spread the word about your company, but even as a means to establish your brand as a market leader.

content-writing-servicesUsers are particular about what they read online. In fact, according the latest statistics, 61% of consumers feel better about a company that has high quality content. These consumers, in effect, are more than willing to buy a product or try a service from a company that they trust.

Aside from your audience, content is also the apple of the eye of many search engines. As algorithms advance to mimic real users, this leaves no room for keyword centric and sloppy web contents, whether it is a landing page or a blog post. If you will look at the changing landscape of search engine optimization, you’ll realize that Google’s current algorithm is very particular about the value of your content.

Is it useful to your audience? Or did you utilize correct grammar and punctuation in your content? These are some things that algorithms now consider.

Reasons to Focus on Content

If you will look at companies, according to a study, businesses on the average use at least a quarter of their marketing budget on content generation. However, to get the best bang for their buck, 62% of companies today outsource content marketing instead of micromanaging the responsibility. In terms of content influencing your social media campaign, content remains in the top 3 main reasons why internet users follow a particular brand on social media platforms.

Strategic Mobili’s Content Writing Services

Strategic Mobili offers crisp and high quality content to companies of all sizes from different niches. We provide different services whether you’ll need press releases, blogs, web contents or even a copy that will be used for Facebook advertising.

With team of experienced copywriters on board, we perform the necessary research in order to create tailor fitted content for our clients. We ensure the quality of the content that would meet or even surpass expectations.

Are you looking to create content that would provide free and useful information to your audience? Or perhaps, you are looking to persuade your potential market to purchase your product or avail of your service?

Aside from the information that you want to share, we are also particular about the type of style that you want us to utilize on your site. Is it going to be a professional website wherein everything has to be formal? Perhaps, you prefer to have something that is more casual?

Packages we offer

  • Blog posting

Blogs provide 434% more pages indexed by search engines like Google. In addition to this, firms utilizing blogs generated 67% more leads than those companies that don’t blog. So in case you are thinking that a blog is simply for personal rants and reflections, this is a marketing tool that can help your business achieve its goals.

  • Web content

What information do you want your audience to see on your website? We provide the necessary information that can help them make up their mind to why you should be the best company for the job. We also study competitors to know which style best fits your market.

  • Facebook Advertising

Facebook is among the most affordable, yet most effective form of advertising in today’s World Wide Web. It has the ability to target specific markets. For this option though, you will need to have the right voice to capture your audience.

For more information about blogging, see also 10 Reasons To Blog or How To Reap Traffic Through Blogging Tactics.

For more information, feel free to contact Strategic Mobili. Send us an email and we’ll be more than willing to help you.