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  “Sometimes sponsors are more like partners in crime. With a festival this large we need help from the BEST. We found it with! ” Megan Bryant, Idaho Laugh Fest

How does an event promotion specialist make event marketing more profitable?

As the name suggests, event promotion specialist takes marketing from the confines of your office into the venue where the market is located. From small to large companies, event or trade promotions has been an effective method of clinching bigger market share. Whether a starting company is looking to become acquainted with the potential market, or a market leader is simply maintaining current position, becoming visible in an event is key towards building a brand. Event promotion specialist provides strategies for both small and big players in order for them to not only become visible to their market, but to also clinch new potential customers.

Establishing public exposure

Public exposure is key to what event promotion specialists do. They provide the necessary publicity for their clients in order for the market to know that they exist. Today, event promotion is not just confined in the offline world. It is imperative to create some noise also in the World Wide Web.

For companies with no idea how a successful event is publicized, event promotion specialists make sure that they intertwine the mobile responsive and social media, as well as traditional advertising in order to increase the potential market attending the event. Also, an effective event promotion specialist will always consider ROI, budget and creating the out of the box ideas that can potentially be admired by the market.

Establishing online engagement

Is it just about enticing people to go to the event? In today’s time, an event promotion and marketing specialist doesn’t Event-Promotion-Specialistend his or her job when there’s already a crowd.  It is important to still engage people to spread the word through their own network.

According to research, 50% of mobile users make use of their mobile phones and tablets primarily to access the internet. And now that Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms are widely available through mobile apps, this increases the potential of an event even becoming more popular when it is already happening.

If you will look back 7 years ago, having no Wifi access to an event would’ve been forgivable. At this point, when there are people who will most likely use searchable hashtags, event promotion is a far more complicated process.

What should be the characteristics of an event promotion specialist?

An event promotion specialist should not only be savvy with traditional marketing, but should be able to merge everything in one campaign. Also, it is imperative for event promotion specialists to have impeccable research skills. One of the most common questions in marketing is “are you barking up the right tree”? If not, then probably you won’t get to maximize your exposure.

Why choose us?

Strategic Mobili – Social Media Marketing offers professional event promotion service. With experience in social media marketing, and traditional marketing, Strategic Mobili provides efficient and quality service to businesses of all sizes.  We are composed of capable team members who can provide necessary publicity and online engagement to clients from different niches. We utilize both paid and free social media platform options in order to create an effective buzz with the right crowd. Contact us today for your professional event promotions. Simply…we build buzz and drive traffic to your event. Your sponsors and vendors love you for it!

Some of our events:

•  Orofino Lumberjack Days 2011

•  McCall Winter Carnival 2012

•  McCall Fourth of July Celebration 2012

• 2012 USA World Jet Boat River Marathon Championships

• Salmon River Jet Boat Races 2013

•  Thunder on the Snake Jet Boat Races 2013

•  Mrs. Idaho America Pageant 2014

•  Stand Up Idaho America 2013

• Red Light Variety Show 2014 – 2015 Season

•  80th Annual Emmett Cherry Festival 2014

•  22nd Annual Emmett Harvest Festival & Street Fair 2014

• 1st Annual Power of Wishes: NinjaFit Throwdown 2015

• 81st Annual Emmett Cherry Festival 2015

• Boise Blues Festival 2015

• Gem Boise County Fair & Rodeo

• 81st Buckaroo Breakfast & Bazaar

• 1st Annual Send Off Summer – Family BBQ Festival

• Red Light Variety Show 2015 – 2016 Season

•  23rd Annual Emmett Harvest Festival & Street Fair 2015

• 13th Treasure Valley Night Light Parade 2015

• 3rd Idaho Laugh Fest 2016

What sets us apart from our competitors?

What makes us different from other social media businesses? Number one: Passion for the success of your business. We connect with you and get to know your event or business. We stand by you and we have your back! We are NOT a service that runs on auto-pilot that you pay a monthly fee for. We work in tandem with you to share your event, and gain visibility for your sponsors and vendors, thus, improving your event brand. Bottom line….we build buzz and drive traffic to your event!!!

Here is what one client had to say. See more client feedback here.

“To whom it may concern,

My name is Brent Bearup and I’m the owner of PowerSeeker CrossFit here in Boise, Idaho.

We hired Debbie Morris to be our social media liaison for our inaugural Obstacle charity event.
Our goal was to have at least 20 teams enroll in our team competition, while trying to attract at least 100 spectators into our facility. Debbie delivered that in spades and was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process.

I would highly recommend her for any project that needs promotional help as she was invaluable and delivering people to our event. We will be definitely hiring her again in the near future, Strategic Mobili rocks!”

Do not wait! Call us today for a free consultation! Let’s get this party started! (208) 640-1331.

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