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Blogging has changed the landscape of the internet. Whether it is simply a hobby, or you have a business, a lot of people have turned to blogging. And why shouldn’t you start blogging? 77% of people read blogs. According to recent studies, small enterprises generate 126% more leads through their blogs. If you still haven’t started, here are some reasons why you should blog.

1. Improves the reputation of businesses and professionals

If you are blogging in line with your expertise, it is possible that you improve your overall reputation. Sharing your knowledge, not only gets you recognition, but it also boosts your overall reputation. 60% of consumers these days feel the positivity of the company after reading their content. Whether you are a job applicant or a business owner, having your own blog can be used as an effective marketing tool.

2. Attracts the customers

As mentioned, blogging has the ability to boost the leads of small businesses. Also, in terms of actual sales, 61% of US based consumers made a purchase based on what they read on a blog post.

3. Discuss related topics

If you think that you are limited to selling products, there are a lot of things that you can discuss. You can tackle related topics and readers enjoy these types of things. 82% of consumers enjoy reading relevant content from their favorite brands.

4. Introduces your company to new players

Do you plan of allocating funds towards ads? If you are going to look at conventional knowledge, this is a good move especially for a new company. On the other hand, there’s a study that says blogging is more effective than both traditional and modern advertising methods. In fact, 70% of consumers learn more about new companies through articles and blog posts rather than ads.

5. Improves social media performance

Whether you are maintaining a social media page for a company or for yourself, blogging helps in improving engagement in your social media account. Useful content has a way of starting conversations that could even become viral.

Social shares also mean getting the trust of your readers. 41.6% of people mentioned that social media shares increase the likelihood that they trust the publisher. Social media share is among the top factors that can increase the credibility of the blog along with quality content and good design.

6. Earn money through blogging

In the present time, 14% of bloggers earn from their blogs. Whether it is via affiliate marketing or through the display links, average annual earnings reach up to $24,086.

7. Easy to maintain

There are affordable and reliable web hosting solutions today. In fact, you could even have your site run on WordPress. This means that you don’t have to know how to code in order to run a website.

8. It is a PR machine under your control

Whether you have a new product that you want to release soon, or you have a contest you are trying to run, a blog is a PR machine of your company. In fact, you won’t need anyone else to get your message across. You can even choose to integrate a YouTube video to your blog post to provide more information to your content.

9. More traffic for your site

Those websites that have blogs have 53% more traffic than those sites that do not practice blogging. Accumulation of posts also matter as it was found out that by the 100th post, it is common to see websites experience traffic as much as 300%

10. Improves SEO

These days, one of the determining factors of search engine algorithms is the kind of content that you generate. Blogging is a great way to get the attention of the Google Spiders. Not only does it provide useful information to the public, this could also get the site to the top of the search result page.

Blogging is a must not only for the small entrepreneurs but even for the big businesses. Not only does it lead to more people visiting the site regularly, it also makes sure that your company name stays within the consciousness of the market. Blogging is a means not only to establish contact with users, but also means in creating opportunities.

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