5 Things You Are Doing To Drive Away Mobile Consumers

| May 6, 2014

No denying it! We live in a mobile age. In order for your business to stay relevant, you need a website that is 

mobile-consumersmobile responsive. You also can’t ignore the prevalence of social media in our modern business world. How are some companies losing conversions when it comes to mobile customers? Here are 5 things to be avoided.

1)     Not having a mobile responsive website.

Have you ever tried to load a website on your phone or tablet and the text is too small to read? Do you stop to pinch and zoom, or just find another site? You could be losing a lot of business simply because the second a potential customer sees size 2 font appear, they back up and go to the next site on their search.

2)     Running Facebook promotions linked to a non responsive website.

Facebook promotions are a great way to use social media to gain conversions. The promotion brings in followers, get likes, and makes customers happy. But again, if a customer clicks on your Facebook promotion (a site that is optimized for mobile use) and is met, in sharp contrast, with a site that is not mobile responsive, you are likely to lose the conversion.

3)     Having a website that is not optimized for speed.

Every second that it takes to load your site on a mobile device is costing you conversions (about 7% per second according to one study). Mobile users want everything instantly. That’s why they are working from the small screen instead of waiting until they can get to a desk. Optimizing the site for speed is vital to maintain the interest of a mobile customer.

 4)     Making the site too complicated.

Everything is already tougher to do on a mobile device. If someone needs to go through half a dozen steps to buy something on your site, they may not feel it’s worth the effort. Amazon has got mobile sales down to a science, allowing customers a one-click purchase option. At most, you want to make it possible for customers to complete a purchase in 3 steps.

5)     The site is not designed with mobile use in mind.

No one wants to have to click on a whole bunch of boxes and tiny buttons to type in tons of data on a mobile device. If you need a number, like a zip code, program the site so that when a mobile device is used the number pad shows up automatically. If someone needs to type in their phone number or date of birth, be sure that it formats the number automatically, so that the user doesn’t have to find symbols like dashes, slashes, and parentheses. Have an easy way to move from entry to entry on forms. Again, when it comes to mobile, ease of use is the key.

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