7 Online Marketing Secrets For Better Market Traction

| August 20, 2015

online marketing

88% of North American population is now using the World Wide Web. This number is expected to grow in the coming years. And with this number, it makes internet marketing a feasible solution for those who want to engage in their market. Internet marketing is becoming a necessity regardless if you are promoting yourself in a cut-throat industry or you are trying to get new customers for your small business. What internet marketing offers is an efficient, not to mention effective means to create traction within your market.

  1. Produce valuable and useful content

What does your market want? Try to see if the market wants certain tips and tricks that could they could use. What makes valuable content an important part of internet marketing? Always remember the 80-20 rule. This means that 80% of what you provide your market should always be non-promotional, while the remaining 20% could be promotional materials. Producing valuable content improves the overall reputation of your company. Also, valuable content could turn viral on social media.

  1. Respond to their inquiries and questions

Responding to inquiries and questions will get the attention of you customers. It sends good signals that you actually care about their concerns. Checking the comment box and your email regularly can create traction with your potential clients and customers.

  1. Consistency in online branding

Consistency in your branding brings recognition within your market. For starters, why not make the name of your social media profiles consistent. This makes it easier for your followers to find your social media accounts.

Another example on how to bring consistency in branding is to use the same colors for your online campaigns.

  1. Know how to “talk” using social media platforms

Having the right voice is a must if you wish to get the attention of your readers and your followers. It goes true not only on social media, but even on your emails, and blog posts. These days, it matters if to establish certain personality on your brand. And the best manifestation of this personality is the voice that you use.

  1. Establish your network with other brands and bloggers

The internet is about expanding your brand’s influence. You can do this by exploring other brand, and other people’s network. Why not make collaborative projects with other companies and people? Getting a guest blogger or being the guest blogger is a strategy that can establish your connection with a new groups of people.

  1. SEO

SEO plays a huge role in your overall performance as a company or professional. Considered as one of the most important facets of internet marketing, SEO guarantees visibility of your website. And given the reality that 8 out of 10 individuals simply settle for the first search result page, this could boost your site’s traffic.

  1. Make your website responsive

Why make a website responsive? Regardless of the device used to connect online, it is a must that visitors could still get the information they need from your website. This makes a huge difference given that even Google is now prioritizing the ranking of mobile friendly sites over those that don’t adjust to screen size.

What makes internet marketing such a great strategy for businesses today? It has the ability to convert to customers if done the right way. With the competitive nature of the World Wide Web, Strategic Mobili offers feasible solutions for businesses of all sizes. With team of online marketing experts, Strategic Mobili offers customized internet solutions to clients who want to maximize their reach in their respective markets.


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