Benefits Of Reaching New Markets and Growing Your Business With Facebook

| April 26, 2015

Facebook and growing businessWhen it comes to conducting business, it is always crucial that you play smart. In fact, Facebook and other social media networks could bring in new clients, and even build new markets for both small and big players in any particular niche.

Numbers don’t lie

The number of people using Facebook has surpassed the billion mark. For most businesses, Facebook is a database of prospect customers who  could potentially make a deal with the company.

Adults spend an average of 37 minutes a day online. 46% are going to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms in order to make a purchase. For the small businesses, 80% of these entrepreneurs are making use of social media in order to drive customers to their company. And based on the latest study, 60% of small entrepreneurs are saying that they’ve gained new customers using Social Media.

Benefits of Reaching New Markets Via Facebook

  • Specificity

Facebook has the ability to be specific on who should it target. With sponsored posts, you’ll be able to dictate who sees your ads. For instance, are you starting a business from scratch and you still don’t have likes on your page? For this scenario, you could promote your page to the right demographic and even in the right location.

  • Statistics

Another thing about Facebook is that you are provided with numbers. How many people have you reached with a particular post? From here, you could evaluate about your strategy. Have you posted on the right time? Did your audience interact with more with specific posts? These are things that you could get with Facebook’s stats.

  • Viral Marketing

A good feature of Facebook as a marketing tool is its ability to create posts that could turn viral. Viral content could spread to those people who you never thought would be interested about your product. And the best part of viral marketing is that it could be done for free. As long as you have the right content, you could let people spread your content without any problem.

  • Improve your web traffic

Aside from establishing new customers, Facebook marketing can also give your website new traffic. This means that you could maximize the blogs that you publish on a regular basis, not to mention you could be seen in the industry as a market leader due to the free and valuable information that you provide your general audience.

  • Create a community rather than just customers

Lastly, if you want to establish your brand, it is ideal that you build a community instead of just have a company that provides products or services. The difference between having a community on your social media network is that you can have constant influx of visitors, and even get your followers to share your content which could lead to additional marketing minus additional cost.

Efficiency of Facebook has changed the landscape of businesses. We now live in a time when both small and large businesses have a venue where they can showcase their services and products to the same audience. Now that you could reach your audience without spending a lot of money on marketing, it is practical to know the benefits of what Facebook and other social media networks could bring to the table.

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