Common Mistakes You’ll Make When Writing Content For Your Site

| May 24, 2015

boise content writingYou hear it a lot, content is king. According to internet marketing experts, content has the ability to drive traffic and even make a post viral. This makes skillful web copywriters in demand today. What they write could potentially dictate a company’s future. Though it could potentially lead to a larger market share, and better branding, there are also some content writing mistakes that you’ll see on websites. Here are some common content writing blunders that you should be aware of.


One of the biggest mistakes you’ll make when you have your own website is to copy content somewhere in the web. Plagiarism is the number one mistake that webmasters make. What they fail to realize is that it could get their website de-indexed for doing so.

Wrong information

It is important to have the right information in your website. Regardless if it is an old email, or an old number that you have posted on your site, wrong information could get rid of your potential market. Could you imagine your customers calling an old number only to find out that the number doesn’t exist anymore? This also extends to other pertinent data in your website’s content.

Voice doesn’t match the branding

Your branding should also extend to the content you publish regardless if it is in your social media or in your website’s landing page. It is imperative to have a consistent and identifiable voice when you write and publish anything online. This will make your audience connect with the brand well.

Content was made too formal

One of the things that web users love is a company that they could connect to. Content written to be formal is considered intimidating by a lot of readers. Should you publish anything on your site, you have to make sure that it is also personal, without abandoning the jargons and terms that are recognizable to your niche.

The lack of multimedia

Publishing content is not just about the words. If you wish to not bore your audience, it is imperative to also make use of multimedia whenever you are writing content. It is important that you include photos, if not videos which convey your ideas.

Formatting mistakes

Whenever you are writing content, it is easier if you use headlines in order to provide segregation. This will allow easier understanding on the part of the readers. Headlines create a flow on the way you write, and not only do you get your audience captivated, this practice is also highly suggested by modern search engines.

Overutilization of keywords

When it comes to your content, it is a good idea to utilize some relevant keywords. However, if your sole purpose is to be seen by Google spiders, then this isn’t a good practice. Overutilization of keywords is a common problem among older websites. If you still have this type of content, it is a good idea to have it re-written to improve not only with your SEO, but also improve conversion.

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