Crucial Role of Design in Branding Your Company

| August 24, 2014

graphic-designEver wondered what are the most crucial things that make or break a company? Is it just the economy? You’d be surprised how your overall company’s design can do harm or good to your branding. Regardless if you are starting a business in a highly competitive or an unexplored niche, it is crucial to know how to brand your business.

One of the most crucial elements of branding is design. Consumers have always associated specific designs with known brands in different niches. For instance, you have Nike with a very simple check mark, Adidas with their three stripes, and even McDonalds with their Yellow and red color and letter M. These are just some examples of designs that played well in branding a company all the way to market leadership.

Role of Design in Branding

So what is the role of design in branding? Its main role is bringing identity to a product and company. It allows fast recognition by potential markets. Starting from your brand, to products that you offer, proper branding allows fast recognition.

How is this possible? In order for the company to have the right design, it is crucial that they have full understanding about the thinking and emotions associated with color ways and imagery. Despite being honest with your product branding, it is still possible to be rejected by your potential market due to the lack of engagement with the thought process of your target market.

If you will look at the list of global brands, they invest greatly on design. The images created by brands pave way to the illusion of exclusivity, grandeur and even tribal belongingness. The bottom line is consumers purchase products which they see a bit of themselves in. Or better yet, they see things that they ideally want to see in themselves.

Sustaining the design

The sustainability of the design is something tough to deal with especially without previous experience with the niche you are dealing with. Companies tip toe from the creation of their logo, to how they formulate their social media images for this reason. Also, it is imperative that when the company decides to redesign their logo or add imagery that relates to their brand, it is still important that they maintain the feel that they’ve been known for. That is if they decide not to rebrand.

From the fonts used, to the imagery brought into the products and the logo, these are some of the most common elements that companies have to deal with in order to capture the right attention of their consumers.

Today, design has precipitated not only on the presentation of products and the logo that people see. In fact, superb design goes a long way especially now. It has evolved to how people view company websites and social media pages. It is important that the overall appeal of the website also matches the color scheme, and the overall feel that the brand is going for.

Consistency is the key to having the right branding in today’s present time. If the company played with the right elements, it is possible to have sustainable growth and have an easier time marketing the product and the brand as a whole.

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