Effective Means of Using Your Facebook Page in Event Marketing

| July 22, 2014


Facebook today has been used extensively for expanding the reach of events, festivals, trade shows and other social events. Combining both offline and online marketing, it is possible to improve a company’s clout within its market. Facebook has allowed amplification of the classic word of mouth advertising. Dubbed as the most effective form of marketing according to experts, word of mouth advertising has gone from stories we tell our friends, to things that people see online. The likes and comments you make on a particular page are now visible in your friend’s timeline.  Also, it is now possible to rate the quality of service through Facebook pages.

If you have your own business trying to be part of an event, it is a good idea to have your own Facebook page. In an average week, according to Facebook, there are approximately 645 million views and 13 million comments made on Facebook pages of local businesses. Also, there are more than 2 billion connections between Facebook users and local business pages. And lastly, you have 70% of the US and Canadian Facebook users engaged on local businesses on Facebook monthly.

Still not convinced on these numbers? Perhaps, you want to have concrete ideas how having a Facebook page can help your company in event organizing. In fact, you’d be surprised since it is applicable regardless of the size of the company, whether you have a local company or not.

 Strategies in event marketing using your Facebook page

1.       Know who is going to your event

Organizing an event can be quite a big job. Are you hesitant to have an event or to be part of one because you don’t know how to invite your friends and family? With Facebook, you can create an event invitation which allows you festival-familyto ask friends to sign up. Typically, you will have an idea about the crowd turnout as the confirmation would either be a “yes”, a “no” or a “maybe” on the part of the contacts that you invited. And for those who attended your event, or an event that your company sponsored, they have the ability to tag their photos, or to use the hashtags that are meant to increase visibility of your company’s page.

2.       Making things viral

There are many ways on how you can increase your reach. You can do it in an organic way (through shares and comments of your subscribers), or you can also have the post highlighted and target specific users. You can increase the virality of a post by knowing the market well. Utilizing a voice that your niche could relate to  for instance can already increase the interaction within your Facebook page.

3.       Contests

One of the most effective means of getting the word out is by having contests. Who wouldn’t want freebies? Here, you can give a small reward for a winner and the means of entering the contest is by liking the page and sharing the photo that you have created.  Aside from investing on graphics, you can also integrate your blog page to your Facebook social media page in order to increase the traffic on your site. With well written content, it is possible that you increase your traffic and even promote the page that you have, which all works on your favor. Here you can publish about the event to let everyone know.

4.       Facebook advertising

If you still want to boost the reach of your company, it is a good idea to use Facebook Ads. You can advertise your post or your page itself. We recommend using the Facebook Power Editor to get the biggest return on your investment. Keywords, targeted demographic and location can all be tuned according to how you want it. Also, this option is not at all expensive in relation to how many people you can reach.

Edge for small and mid size companies

Social media used for event marketing provides an edge for so many small and midscale businesses. Not only can you use your funds well for your marketing efforts, but this is also effective in terms of reaching your customers as well as prospects. And to make things more interesting, you can have statistics to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Strategic Mobili, for a minimal fee has the ability to provide custom branded Facebook pages that you can use for event marketing. Here, we enable you to maximize your online presence, in order to get the most turnout in an event you are involved in. We also provide SEO services to get your site started. Strategic Mobili integrates both social media marketing and SEO strategies to create a bespoke internet marketing approach for your niche.

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