Effective Methods in Viral Marketing

| August 10, 2015

viral marketingViral marketing is an effective method of getting the attention of your audience. Thanks to social media, a post could reach thousands of individuals for free. This is something that makes viral marketing an effective method for small business owners with minimal funds. So how do you make use of viral marketing as a tool in your overall internet marketing strategy? Here are effective methods that you could utilize.

Know the market well

First thing that you need to do is to study the market well. What are things that they like? When are their special days? What is their general audience’s attitude like? It is important to have the right knowledge of the market if you wish to connect with them.

Don’t just post to sell products

Social media is more than just a marketing tool. It should be able to communicate with your audience. Posts that matter to your audience should be shared every once in a while in order to improve your brand’s authority in the market. This also prevents people from unfollowing the page.

Mix what you share

Do you usually share photos? Why not mix it up a bit? You could also share links to blogs, and other related content that could be of interest to your audience. Other than that, you could also just post a question to initiate reaction from your audience.

Know the special dates

For a post to become viral, special dates could mean a lot to your market. When are the special days in your niche? If you have a market filled with women aged 24 to 30 years old, might as well greet them on Mother’s Day and on International Women’s Day.

When is the best time to post

So what is the best time to post? According to social media marketing experts, the best time to post is during morning or, right after work. Fortunately, Facebook has the ability to schedule posts. This means that you could perfectly time when your posts will become visible to your audience.

Be personal

Most brands today make use of a personal voice whenever they are communicating with their audience. This gets the most interaction from social media. A voice that is too formal often times intimidate followers, thus getting fewer likes and comments.

Regularly post

What happens when you don’t post updates on your page regularly? You also lose your audience. If you wish to make your social media page busy, you also need to plan ahead of time. Know what to post for the entire week. This way, your social media page could make a viral content easier because more people are looking at your social media page.

Promote your post every now and then

Why do you need to promote your posts every once in a while? If you wish to increase the number of your social media followers, it is a good idea that you allot even a small budget for this feature. You don’t need to spend a great amount of money on it. You could use it to supplement your media marketing strategy. The good thing with this feature is that you target your audience, and of course, you just pay for the results.

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