Facebook Page Fans – How Do I Engage Them?

| April 14, 2016

People will LIKE your Facebook business page for one of two reasons.  One, they know you and support your work, or two, and equally important is – your business has something they are interested in.  For whatever reason, they are interested in your business and want to connect with your page.  This makes your page fans extremely valuable to your business and should be treated with the utmost respect.  They want to know more about your business and your story; who are you, what is your business, how do you do business, can you fill a need they have, and eventually, are you someone they would like to do business with?  This is a marketing process and takes time and patience.

Facebook LIKEs Are Facebook Friends

It is important to understand, they are not coming to your Facebook page to be sold to! Your job is to engage your Facebook page fans and share your story with them by using what we call the 80/20 rule.  80 percent of the time, you want to entertain, engage and empower your Facebook page fans.  20 percent of the time, you want to promote your products and services.  Give serious thought to what will entertain, engage and empower your Facebook page fans. It is not about what you think is relevant! It is about sharing your story and information your page fans will find valuable. Keep posts short and relevant to your business. Utilize images that bring your words to life.

It’s Your Brand! Represent It Well

FacebookYour goals should be to provide a professionally designed business page representing your brand. Remember, these page fans are new to your business and will undoubtedly form important first impressions.  Present a Facebook business page that is polished and providing the WOW factor upon their arrival. Consistently be present and provide valuable content on your page, and engage with your page fans.  With time, patience, and nurturing, chances are they will get to know you, like you, and trust you. Now…they are ready to do business with you. This is the beauty of social media marketing.

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