Why Do You Need to Hire an Event Promotion Specialist Adept in Digital Promotions?

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event-promotion-specialistMost businesses today join events in order to ensure generation of high quality leads. Event marketing is a smart approach since the brand becomes visible and even relatable to their prospect customers and clients.

For an event to become successful, an event promotion specialist is a necessity. These days, it is imperative that they know the ins and outs of social media. For the event promotion specialist, it is crucial that they deliver enough warm bodies that can be beneficial to both the sponsors and the vendors.

Hiring an event promotion specialist who has a technical know how of social media marketing can make a big difference. For instance, do you know that there are already billions of Facebook users? Also, given the current Facebook algorithm, it is possible to target a specific audience that will most likely get business to your sponsors and vendors.

How do social media platforms create the necessary buzz?

Blogging is typically integrated with social media strategies to make this possible. Blogs allow potential attendees to read every necessary detail needed by your audience. When is the event going to be held? Who are the notable personalities? What are the activities that are going to be held along with the event? All these things, you can have in a blog post.

For some event organizers, instead of giving away all the details immediately, what they do is to take advantage of people’s interest. They make use of intrigue by only providing sneak previews on what to expect of the event.

What makes the two examples a great strategy in creating buzz? Both of these classic samples of event promotion strategy in social media can make a content go viral. If the timing is right, you can expect the content to be to be found in different timelines, be tweeted and re-tweeted and even be discussed on reddit. Thanks to social media, word can be spread without spending so much.

Trace the impact of your event

An event promotion specialist who is savvy in social media also has the ability to monitor the potential impact of the event. Organizing the event via Facebook, an admin can invite people and see how many individuals are coming. Of course, this is still an inaccurate metrics of knowing an event’s potential crowd turnout.

For most event promotion specialists, one of the most effective means of not only spreading information, but also measuring an event’s potential success is by using hashtags. Let’s say that your event is called Riggins Food Bazaar 2014. Now, you can have particular hashtags meant for interested individuals to use whenever they post anything related to the said event. #RigginsFoodBazaar2014 or even #RigginsFB2014 can be potential hashtags that can be used not only to get the word out to your specific audience but to even monitor just how many are interested to the said event.

The ability of the internet to bring people together is powerful to the point that it is possible to organize and measure its potential success on social media. An event promotion specialist not only provides the necessary warm bodies, but they even do the necessary promotion during the event itself and making an impact even after the event is over.

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