Facebook Ads and Festivals: Economic Method of Targeting Specific Markets

| June 24, 2014

Event-Promotion-Specialists-Debbie-MorrisNew technology has an impact how people interact with each other and behave as consumers. For businesses, social media is an opportunity to promote their brand especially during festivals. Could you imagine your brand being visible on a particular hashtag for a festival? With thousands of attendees in these events, there is a great potential for companies of all sizes when they integrate social media with festival experience.

How do Facebook Ads work?

With over 1.2 billion users on Facebook, it is not surprising how brands of all sizes can benefit from this social media platform. In 2011, Facebook business pages changed the landscape for small and midsized entrepreneurs. It has allowed them to implement social media marketing strategies that could reach to their potential market.  Each post, if done correctly, has the ability to become viral. This empowered even the smallest firms to have the ability to increase their reputation, and even drive traffic to specific websites.

Today, you may notice the number of businesses with “sponsored” ads once you open your Facebook account. These sponsored ads help in targeting specific markets. Each user will have a different set of visible ads based mainly on their interest, pages that they’ve liked, age, and even location. That’s how specific Facebook advertisement could get in terms of targeting potential markets. For as small as $5, it is possible reach those prospects that are using Facebook.

However, the reality is that most businesses lack the experience in these types of Facebook services. They simply share posts on their pages and hope for the best. So how do you use Facebook ads to maximize getting the right people who might be interested of your products and/or services?

Events and Social Media Activity

Brands that are engaged on both actual events and social media activity have the chance to clinch their market. How do events and social media go hand in hand? Whether it is a music or a food festival or any other local event in the community, social media integration creates visibility to the brand.

According to studies, consumer experience has been improved by social media as it caters real time information about what’s happening in an event. As for brands involved in the festivals, this has also benefited them significantly as more and more people are connecting to the internet via their mobile phones.

How to Maximize Facebook ads and events

  • Make an ad for the page or for a post

There are basically two types of ads that you could have. You could either make an ad for a specific post, or you could advertise your page to increase number of likes. Some companies implement an effective system in terms of engaging with their followers that they simply want people to like on their page to have enough reach for updates. On the other hand, there are those companies that want to increase the reach of their social media posts. For this particular situation, it is the post that becomes a paid ad.

  • Keywords/Hashtags

What are the keywords that you typically associate with your products/services? Facebook, with its 1 billion users has managed to profile each user based on their likes, interests and even other similar pages that they liked. The first step in creating the right ad is to know which keywords you should include for your Facebook ad. Also, you want to make use of specific hashtags that could be of interest to people within your niche. Typically, festival organizers make use of hashtags to collate posts of participating brands.

  • Location

Also, do you offer products worldwide? One of the things that make Facebook ads effective is that you could isolate people who are seeing your ads based on geographic location. This makes it effective for both businesses with worldwide reach and those businesses that operate locally.

  • How much time do you want the ad to show?

The Facebook page manager also has the ability to control the duration that the ad should be displayed. Should it run for a day? Or perhaps, it should run for a week? For instance, if you are organizing an event and you want to let people know on what’s happening, you don’t want the ad to still appear even after the event. Or perhaps, you are greeting your market Happy Father’s Day. You don’t want this ad to still be seen a month after.

Facebook ad is an economical way on how to advertise your business. Even with a small amount of money, it is possible that you could already reach thousands of potential clients, within the area where you operate. You can even choose to tweak the reach based mainly on your budget.

But of course, things could become overwhelming especially for those businesses that want to focus more on products and services they offer. If you prefer to concentrate more on providing the products and services to your niche, Strategic Mobili provides not only Facebook page management, but social media marketing as a whole. Strategic Mobili enables businesses create the most effective Facebook ads that can be seen attractive by their niche.

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