Facebook Targeting Option: Crucial Things You Need to Understand to Improve Your Page’s Performance

| September 16, 2014

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Do you wonder why businesses from different niches and sizes utilize Facebook as part of their social media strategy? Facebook is the premier social media tool that every business should learn how to utilize. Boasting its billions of audience, it is a market waiting to be tapped for both small and large enterprises alike. It doesn’t matter whether you have a worldwide or a local market.

How do you make your business maximize its exposure using Facebook? With improved algorithm and overall performance, Facebook is no longer a tool just for communicating with loved ones and friends. It is also a venue for businesses to prosper. According to research, the average number of liked pages per user is at 40. In the US, it is 70. In 2009, the average was only 4.5. Considering this growth, pages are getting the interest of their audience.

How do you expand your page effectively? It is via the targeting tool that you can get the attention of different users out there. If you are new to managing Facebook pages, you have the capability to sponsor your ads and/or even your page.

Seeking to increase the profit of Facebook, they have come up advertising options that companies of all sizes could afford of. This advertising option comes with specific targeting which could then be used by the different page managers in targeting their niche. Facebook has now teamed up with big companies such as Datalogix and Epsilon.

What are the data that are shared?

  • Everything about your demographic
  • Consumer purchase habits
  • Online and offline activities of the users

Knowing your target market

For any starting brand, you need to know the demographic of your market. Are you popular among 20-25 year old male individuals? Or perhaps, you attract those who are older? Aside from the basic age, sex and demographic profile, Facebook also allowed the use of targeting audience via their behavior. Are you a surf clothing line who wants to target those who love to surf?

Going for the ad creation tool

Once you know who you want attract, you can then proceed with the ad creation tool. It is a goldmine for many businesses today specially those looking to get introduced to their market. Could you imagine advertising on newspaper, or on any traditional format but only getting the attention of your potential market? There are ten demographic options that you can tinker as an advertiser. From interest to behavior to connections, these are some of the things that Facebook provides businesses.

Why play around with the new Ad Creation tool?

Aside from the accurate targeting tool that is provided by the social media giant, you can also save a lot of money with this type of paid advertisement. How? First, you can go for cost per click targeting option, where you only pay for those users who clicked on your ad. Or, you can also choose to go for a certain reach. Facebook provides a number of reach per budget.

What is the best approach?

The best approach in ad creation is to first know who you are selling the product or service to. If you have no idea who you are selling to, that’s when things can get rough. To fully utilize the ad creation tool, complete and comprehensive market research is a must.

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