How to Reap Traffic Through Blogging Tactics

| May 11, 2014

A website’s consistent traffic signifies that you have established a niche’s following. This means that if you are selling a product, more people are now looking at what you are offering. If you’ve done tactics far from spam strategies, this means that you already have traction to your audience. This is every web owner’s goal. In fact, some invest time and money just to achieve a high traffic website.

The most modern campaigns that can increase traffic include blogging and the use of social media.

Social Media Campaigns

In a study by MobStac in 2013, they mentioned that 78% of purchases made by individuals online were guided by social media platforms either by Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. This showcases the role that social media Bloggingplays in terms of branding and even conversion. This is probably the least understood phenomenon of social media marketing by business owners.

The most important role of social media in today’s modern times is to deliver traffic where the potential customers can make the purchase or perform the expected action.

If you will look at the television, and other forms of media, even if there are brands out there that throw extensive advertising campaigns, there are brands that really don’t get the attention of their niche.

This goes to show that the success of a campaign is dependent on the cohesive marketing agenda. The same goes towards the use of social media campaigns utilized by brands online.

What do you share online?

It is important for the internet marketers to be careful on what to share on their social media pages and accounts.

Spam content can simply irritate the users and decrease the chances of maximizing traffic to your site.

One of the best things to share online is your own site’s content. Now, here’s when blogging can come into play.

There are so many reasons why you should share your blog to your page.

For one, people love free and helpful information. The internet has been built under this premise. This means that when you share useful information from your site’s blog, it has the potential to attract more traffic.

Also, you have to consider the potential of a blog to become viral. Do you have some tips that could be useful for some individuals to the point that it could be re-shared on their wall?

Aside from the traffic when a blog post is shared, this is also seen as a good thing in the eyes of Google’s new algorithm. In terms of SEO, the more people leaving comments and re-sharing the content, this is seen as quality content that can be useful to different individuals. Once given the nod by Google, this could catapult the page to first page of the search results, which could even bring more traffic.

Social media and blogging should be utilized hand in hand in order to generate traffic. But of course, there is more to it than just good quality content. When you think of maximizing what a blog can do to your traffic, the page titles, meta descriptions, keywords and recently even Google Authorship are also crucial.

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