The Importance of Learning From Social Media Leaders

| February 16, 2015

social media marketing worldFor 2015, businesses are expected to have a much bigger year with the help of social media. In fact, social media has extended far beyond Facebook. These days, social media translates to Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube, Instagram and Google+ to name a few platforms. According to statistics, beginning 2014, 72% of internet users are already active on different social media platforms, while ages 18-29 years old make up for 89% of social media usage.

When more than 90% of businesses are on social media, it is imperative that you remain ahead of the pack. How do you exactly do this? Even with a small marketing budget, it is possible that you make the most of your company’s social media presence. These countless possibilities can become reality if you get the help of social media leaders.

They have access to statistics

One of the reasons why you want to invest learning directly from some of the world leaders in social media is the fact that they have the necessary statistics to tell you what works and what doesn’t. It is hard to know which practice is effective and which one isn’t, if you don’t have an idea about the current trends. Statistics can help social media campaigns in different ways. For instance, you’ll know when to make contact, and which content typically gets engagement from your market.

Reduce your tendencies to commit mistakes

To err is human. But what if you don’t have to make these mistakes? With the help of social media leaders, it is possible to fast track positive results. Just when your competition is trying to figure out the right social media approach, it makes a big difference if you are already getting results.

Maximize the paid social media amplification

It is already 2015, it is time that you accept the fact that social media these days is so effective that platforms are starting to ask for money to get better results. Since you are already paying for exposure, why not get the most out of it? Before you even press that “buy” button to sponsor a particular post, let social media leaders teach you how to zero in on your target. With their help, you get the best bang for your buck.

Learn the art of interaction

Social media is about interactions. It is about connecting with users from different parts of the world. Now, how exactly are you going to do this? Who else should you learn it from other than the best in the business? Keep in mind that getting likes and engagement from the right audience can be quite tricky.

For 2015, you can refuse to make social media your company’s gray area. Now that 22% of Americans check their social media accounts more than once every day, why not make the most of your company’s online presence? With 47% of Americans mention Facebook as among the main influencer of their purchase, you simply need to figure out just how you can use social media tools correctly to convert your likes to sales. Learn from the best in the business. Let market leaders in the social media industry give you valuable insights on what to expect for the coming months.

Social Media Marketing World 2015

Strategic Mobili – Social Media Marketing has invested in learning from the best this year to benefit your business. We will be attending the world’s largest social media conference, Social Media Examiner’s, Social Media Marketing World 2015.

Strategic Mobili – Social Media Marketing is an Idaho based digital marketing company, offering professional help to companies of all sizes with their social media marketing needs.

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