Importance of Social Media Marketing This Yuletide Season

| December 6, 2014

boost salesThe Yuletide season is upon us. This is the time of the year when consumers spend a lot on gifts. Based on statistics, 92% of businesses plan to spend majority of their advertising budget on social media this Christmas. This says a lot to the potential of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as tools to increase sales of a particular company.

Is it really worth it? If you are somewhat new to the world of social media marketing, this is the perfect time to focus on your niche. In fact, some companies even change the logo, website, and cover photo in order to deliver a Christmas brand image. This low cost strategy allowed companies to get the attention of Christmas shoppers. There are also those companies that made use of coupon codes to give discounts to their potential customers.

Why should you choose to revamp your social media campaign?

According to a study, 65% of shoppers today use their social media accounts to find items that could be used as presents. Given the stress of falling in line, and dealing with the long lines of shoppers in your local stores, why not settle online?

If you are looking to maximize the opportunity in the coming weeks, it is ideal that businesses find a social media campaign that is suited for the season. Most brands plan ahead of time to what they want to use on their Christmas social media campaign.

During the 2012 Christmas season, B2C businesses prospered when they made use of Facebook. The social media giant was able to drive 4% of its visitors to a retail website. 4% is a huge chunk considering there are billions of Facebook users today.

Also, Twitter has become a great tool in potentially increasing a company’s sales.  How exactly? Twitter has been known for linking reviews of certain products. These days, it has been established that reviews can boost sales, since it is viewed just as good as word of mouth marketing.

Also, today, people are very image centric when it comes to their buying decisions. If you will look at brands, a lot of them are engaged with their potential customers on Instagram. They post photos that can somewhat affect people and their inclination to buy a certain product. For UK’s Yuletide season last year, at least 75% of the traffic is coming from mobile phones and tablets. This means that mobile based apps such as Instagram has an edge. If you’ll compare the online sales of 2012 to 2013 in the UK, there was a 22.6% jump in the sales.

Worldwide, $650 billion is already expected from the online sales for this year’s Christmas season.  If your business is based mainly online, this is the perfect opportunity not only to clear your inventory, but to maximize profits. The internet is now a place where you can sell your products and services. With the right strategy, especially during Christmas time, it offers opportunities to boost sales with the right social media campaign.

The numbers don’t lie. Whether it is your goal to make your company bigger next year, or to boost sales, Christmas time is the perfect time to revamp your social media campaign.

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