Do You Need a Professionally Made and Custom Branded Facebook Page For Your Company?

| March 1, 2015

custom branding boiseWhether you have a local or an enterprise that has an international scope, it is crucial that you have the necessary web presence. What dictates a good web presence? It is crucial to hit the biggest social media platforms in doing so. A Facebook page can go a long way. In fact, professionally designed and custom branded Facebook page can allow a great number of marketing benefits regardless if it is a small, a mid-scale or a large business.

Branding is a crucial part of a company’s success. Branding helps in building an image as it creates perception to what you sell to the market. In the past years, traditional marketing was the staple of effective marketing and branding. Today, social media became a more affordable alternative. With the help of Facebook, even small start up companies can hit their target market with effective branding.

Areas improved by professionally designed Facebook pages

What pleases the eye to trigger someone’s interest? There are different factors involved in order to please the market. Starting with the colors, and the placement, a professionally designed Facebook page utilizes the right color that would match the personality of the brand. Does your company make use of the proper images and typography to attract the desired market? With professionally designed page, it helps the company capture a consumer’s attention.

Aside from the aesthetics, design would also pertain to the copy that you use on your Facebook page. Professional pages should have well written content. A simple description could go a long way. For this part of the page, it is imperative to have a copywriter who has studied how your market behaves.

Advantages of a professionally designed page

  • Increase the traffic to your website

One of the main characteristics of social media users is that they are loyal and are willing to check content shared by companies that they LIKEd. Given this attitude, correct branding allows increased traffic.

  • Establish a company’s authority in the niche

With the right content and voice, it is possible to build your own brand’s authority that can further strengthen the company’s marketing strategy. Given the billions of accounts in Facebook, it has the possibility of hitting the target, and even gaining more followers considering how each LIKE can create a ripple to his or her circle.

  • Increase number of LIKEs

Let’s admit that a well planned Facebook page can attract more LIKEs. As you grow LIKEs, not only does it become visible to a person’s social circle, it can also improve your company’s reputation. This is called social proof. Social proof is similar to having herd mentality. It is the inkling of consumers to stick with pages that have more LIKEs. Once you have a well branded Facebook page, this can create a ripple effect which could further improve on a company’s overall presence in the niche.

  • Become visible in the open graph searches

Further evidence of social proof is the addition of the open graph search in March 2013. Open graph search allows users to improve searches. For instance, instead of keywords, it matches things inside the social media platform. One benefit of open graph search is that once you have increased your LIKEs, it is possible to be found in open graph search results. You can see a particular person’s LIKEd pages, or who among your friends LIKEd a particular page.

Treasure Valley alone has the power to connect you to approximately 292,000 Facebook users proving that an effective Facebook strategy through your Facebook page is a necessity whether you have a local business or something bigger.

Are you struggling with your Facebook page? Let’s admit that it is important to have the right social media presence regardless of the niche or the size of your company.  Let Strategic Mobili help you achieve a professional Facebook page tailor fitted for your market and needs.

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