Understanding How Facebook Open Graph Tool Helps Businesses Today

| September 21, 2014

How big is Facebook today? According to statistics, in 2008, there were 100 million Facebook accounts. Fast forward to March 2013, Facebook exploded to 1.11 billion Facebook accounts. Facebook is currently the most powerful tool for social media where 802 million Facebook users log in daily. As of May 2013, there are around 4.5 billion generated likes on a day to day basis. Nowadays, it is imperative to know more about those likes.

What does a like tell us? A like would mean a user is interested in a Facebook page, whether is be information, products, or services. Nowadays, Facebook marketing has evolved to the point where it offers the opportunity for businesses to study how people like Facebook pages. With implementation of Open Graph Searches, it has changed the landscape to how businesses of all sizes look at their potential customers.

Understanding Facebook’s Open Graph Search

Instead of simply matching keywords, Open Graph Search matches data within the social media platform. For instance, you will know more things about the people, pages, places, apps and groups to help businesses acquire the data more relevant to their marketing strategy.

One sample query that you could use is “People who like X Facebook Page”. From here, Facebook generates a list of people who liked X Facebook page. If you think that this is the only thing that you can find through the Open Graph Search, you can even try to combine the queries. For instance, you can search “People who likes X Facebook page and Y Facebook page”. Now, you determine who your target market is without any problem.

How it affects advertising trends?

Open graph tools can improve creation of organic content. This means that businesses can hone their internet marketing strategy to the point where it can study the market, simply by utilizing the open graph tool. Also, once they choose to sponsor an advertisement, they know exactly the demographic and even the characteristics of people they are going to target.

Companies and online marketing companies can now tweak the paid advertisement according to who they want to reach. Could you imagine targeting the most likely interested individuals to your product or service? These are all possible with proper research using the open graph tool.

If you have a local business, this is extremely beneficial for your marketing strategy. For instance, you will find out where are the people who liked your Facebook page located. Are you barking up the right tree or the wrong tree? Also, if you hired a search marketing company to expand your likes on Facebook, you will then find out if they did the right steps in targeting your target market.

Keep in mind that the main purpose of posting Facebook content is to increase the likelihood of tapping your target market. With the help of Facebook Open Graph tool, it is now possible to find out how many people who liked your page are actually your potential market.

Open Graph Searches can improve the overall approach of businesses of all types and sizes. This enlightens page admins to many aspects to how users behave. Today, you can even tell users who liked common pages. And lastly, you can even tweak the filter the results depending on the age, gender, relationship, hometown and other information.

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