Responsive Mobile Marketing

Mobile-friendly-marketingThey say that branding plays a huge role in a company. Websites, over the years, have become reflective of what a
company is all about. A website’s aesthetics and functionality play a crucial role in leaving an impression to its audience.

But because of the changing times and available technologies, the web as we know it have changed. Web pages are no longer viewed solely on a desktop or a laptop.

As of October 2014, 90% of American adults own a mobile phone, while 42% of the same demographic has their own tablet computer.

In December 2014, a study was conducted on 17 major countries which showcased the most important devices used to connect online. 22% used their mobile phones while 30% used their tablet. That’s equivalent to more than half of the internet users.

Responsive mobile design

A responsive mobile friendly web design is a great way to get traffic because it can adapt to different screen sizes. These days, clients usually ask for a web design that fits an iPhone, an iPad and other screen resolutions. With a mobile friendly design, you simplify the process by having one design which automatically adjusts to different resolutions.

This practice is perfect not only for mobile internet marketing, but for your overall web marketing strategy in general as well. Image size, font size and even portions of the website are carefully adjusted depending on the resolution of the device.

Perks of a mobile friendly design?

  1. Mobile friendly designs are preferred by Google

If you are particular about your website’s rank on Google and other popular search engines, a mobile friendly design is a must. Google recently changed its algorithm in favor of mobile friendly sites. Given that Google’s focus is seamless user experience, mobile friendly website designs are more likely to rank better than those that can’t adjust to different screens.

  1. Conversions

Regardless if you are looking to increase your sales or email subscribers, mobile friendly designs indicate a higher chance of accomplishing your goals. According to a study, 70% of mobile searches led to an action within an hour. That is a high conversion rate which could come in handy for marketers.

  1. Modern audience prefers a mobile friendly site

It has been discovered that with the availability of mobile friendly websites, 40% of people will most likely look for another site if the first one is not mobile friendly. In other words, you’re outdated website could be driving away potential customers.

  1. Edge over competition

Adapting to the trends and changes in the World Wide Web is crucial in order to stay relevant. What mobile friendly websites offer is an edge over competition. From your ranking, to the possibility of reducing bounce rate, a responsive web design is a huge boost to your website. It offers improved user experience which keeps the visitors interested on what you offer.

Start having a mobile friendly design

  • Increase readability of your text
  • Improve your SEO and social media marketing strategy
  • Simplify web design by having a fully responsive website
  • Potentially increase conversion and decrease bounce rate

website designAre you excited to make the necessary changes to your site and explore the possibilities of a responsive web design? Feel free to contact us for more details. We’ll be more than happy to assist you ever step of the way.

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