Social Media Trends To Check For This 2015

| December 11, 2014

social media trends 2015Over the last few years, social media has become bigger and bigger. Social media managed to help both large and small brands to reach their clients even for just a small amount of budget. 80% of businesses believed that social media generated traffic and exposure for their company. Given the huge potential for growth and conversion, social media is a staple in today’s marketing.

For 2015, expect the growth of Facebook, Instagram, as well as other social media sites to continue. With rapidly changing algorithm and user behavior, what are the things that you could expect for 2015? Here are some potential social media trends to watch out for.

Smarter means of using social media pages

According to Gartner analyst,  Jennifer Polk, she believes that 2015 is the year where brands will invest more, not only on developing content and platforms, but more on looking at the metrics. Metrics will tell the company which one works and which one doesn’t. This can help save a lot of time and effort on the part of both small and big businesses.

By far, 97% of businesses in a Social Media Examiner study mentioned that they do participate in social media. However, 87% of the participants are clueless which social media tools work for their business.

Being knowledgeable of numbers allow companies to approach targeting , messaging and advertising decisions in a smart way.

More money will go to social media campaigns

How much money does an average company allocate for social media campaigns? In the US, companies spent around $8.2 billion for social media for 2014 alone. Most of these brands are coming from retailers and fashion brands. For large companies, 20-35% of their digital advertising budget is going to be funneled to social media. On the other hand, B2B companies allocated a significantly smaller amount (1.5-2%) of their digital advertising budget to social media.

Furthermore, if using TV advertisement in order to get the same type of exposure as social media, companies need to pay a significantly higher price. During the World Cup, it is common for businesses to spend as much as $20 million.

In Facebook alone, you have around 1.3 billion users. That is potential exposure bigger than all TV networks combined.

Expect changing algorithms

Social media is more than just networks of your friends and family. Keep in mind that Facebook is used today, more than just for talking to friends. Social graphs, profile database and other changes made by Facebook were all made to cater to businesses. Facebook recently bought Atlas, an ad server that allows companies to target people based on their profile. For 2015, expect similar, if not, bigger changes to happen. The bad news is that these changes in algorithm may not come in for free. For social media managers, it was such a pain to have fewer organic reaches because of these changes.

Mobile over anything else

Change in technology also affected the way we make use of social media. If you’ll look at Instagram, this is an example just how marketers may want to think of not just a mobile friendly but even a mobile specific social media strategy.

What about you? What do you think 2015 holds for social media marketing?

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