Strategic Mobili Attends The 2015 Social Media Marketing World Conference

| February 21, 2015

social media marketing worldAccording to statistics, there are over a billion users on Facebook. Also, even Americans aged 45 to 54 are mostly on social media these days. Already 55% of Americans within that age demographic are already involved in at least one social media networking site. In terms of social media networking behavior, around 22% of Americans make use of social media networking sites more than once a day. These numbers say a lot to what the internet is today. Why should businesses be interested with the internet? If these numbers aren’t enough, it was found out that 47% of consumers believe Facebook could influence their buying behavior.

This proves that the internet, especially social media is where the consumers are located. What this means is that gone are the days when you have to spend thousands of dollars just to be heard. Right now, you can create a campaign that can go viral for free. With the help of online marketing tactics, even those with a small capital have an even playing field with market leaders in their respective markets. Small businesses have an opportunity to discover their truest potential when they play their cards right.

World Conference for Social Media Marketing

But of course, not every small company has the knowledge when it comes to social media and online marketing as a whole. For small to mid sized enterprises, they get the help of online marketing experts to boost their reach and increase their conversion.

For any online marketing company, it is important to learn the trends that could increase conversion and overall desired results. One of the best methods to learn the most effective strategies in social media marketing is the industry experts. Here’s where social media marketing events enter the picture. Social Media Marketing World Conference brought by Social Media Examiner is the world’s largest social media marketing event of the year. An expected 2,500 social media marketers are about to attend this extensive social media marketing event.

Social Media Marketing World Conference is the place where online marketing companies can get to hear from top brands such as Century 21, Intel, KLM, Yahoo, LinkedIn among many other top brands that made their waves online.

How will the Social Media Marketing World Conference Improve Strategic Mobili – Social Media Marketing?

Strategic Mobili – Social Media Marketing will be attending the Social Media Marketing World Conference. Here, we’ll learn more about the newest techniques that could further improve our services to our clients. With the help of 100+ experts in the industry, clients can expect an improvement in Strategic Mobili’s content creation, social strategy and everything in between.

What Social Media Marketing World Conference aims to do is to ensure that there is a reduced trial and error time within the industry. Here, online marketing companies will be taught how to fast track their strategies and gear towards a result oriented line of service.

Also, with the help of this conference, it is possible to establish a network with other leaders in the industry. Being able to connect with them face to face, listen to their useful tips and have a great relationship with other players in the industry , it offers great networking opportunities for everyone. By investing in attending this world class conference, Strategic Mobili – Social Media Marketing clients may expect state of the art services as a result.

Strategic Mobili – Social Media Marketing is an online marketing company based in Boise, Idaho. For those interested in social media marketing, content creation, mobile responsive marketing, SEO services, and more, you can contact Strategic Mobili here.

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