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Customer care is our number one priority. Understanding the nature of your business, who your competitors are, who your target audience are and what goals you hope to achieve is where we start. 

Here’s what some are saying around town

I highly recommend Strategic Mobili if you’re looking for someone to help you with social media marketing.  They work with you to develop a complete package of images, ads and campaigns.  What I appreciated most was that they took care of implementation and follow-up so my time was free to work on other projects within our business.  Debbie is especially helpful with recommendations, growing your social network and promoting events.  In my opinion, using Strategic Mobili is one of the best decisions you can make for your business or event.

Linda Johnson
Artisan Optics

To whom it may concern,

It is with great pleasure that I am able to write this letter of reference for Debbie Morris/Strategic

I met Debbie in the spring of 2015 and was immediately drawn to her professional manner. We visited about various things and eventually discussion came up on what type of work she was involved in. Debbie explained her work and I felt she would be able to promote extensively the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce and our largest events. We agreed to a contract and within a very short period of time began to see the evidence of someone who is very thorough and particular about the work she produces.

The Caldwell Chamber of Commerce Buckaroo Breakfast Facebook page became alive with
comments and photos for the upcoming event. Throughout the entire start up to completion Debbie diligently promoted our event, so much so that I was pleased to see a huge increase in awareness, volunteers, sponsorships and the final result was a much better prosperous event.

The second time we hired Debbie was for our recent Treasure Valley Night Light Parade. Our parade on December 5, 2015 ended with an increased awareness about the event, an increased number of floats in the parade, the largest crowds ever seen in the City of Caldwell for any event, an increase in sponsorship dollars and highly positive comments both before and after the parade. We are still receiving these complementary notes.

Based on the two recent Caldwell Chamber of Commerce events, we will be asking her to work on our 2016 events.

Should you require more information, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Theresa E. Hardin, IOM
Executive Director
Caldwell Chamber of Commerce

“I had such a wonderful experience using Debbie Morris. A 120 people poured into my forum even though we advertised on short notice. Debbie got the word out there and people responded!!! It was my best advertising dollars I ever spent! Many people recommended Debbie to me and they knew what they were talking about. Good job Debbie!!!” Bernadette Almeida, The Happyness Maker

“Sometimes sponsors are more like partners in crime. With a festival this large we need help from the BEST. We found it with! ” Megan Bryant, Idaho Laugh Fest

To whom it may concern,

My name is Brent Bearup and I’m the owner of PowerSeeker CrossFit here in Boise, Idaho.

We hired Debbie Morris to be our social media liaison for our inaugural Obstacle charity event.
Our goal was to have at least 20 teams enroll in our team competition, while trying to attract at least 100 spectators into our facility. Debbie delivered that in spades and was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process.

I would highly recommend her for any project that needs promotional help as she was invaluable and delivering people to our event. We will be definitely hiring her again in the near future, Strategic Mobili rocks!

Brent Bearup
PowerSeeker CrossFit
222 N. Maple Grove Rd.
Boise, ID 83704

Listening to Debbie Morris on my Mastermind call right now. What a WEALTH of information, and so well presented!! Amazing!!! Thanks so much Debbie for teaching us today! Awesome job!

Vicki Hurst

Re:  Strategic Mobili, Debbie Morris

To Whom It May Concern: It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Debbie Morris and the Social Media Marketing Campaign that she worked on for the Emmett Cherry Festival.  I feel extremely privileged to have had Debbie working on this campaign for our event.

Here at the Gem County Chamber we have a small staff of three and we were unable to devote much time on Social Media Marketing for our Chamber and our Emmett Cherry Festival.  At the request of my Chamber Board I was able to bring Debbie on board and she helped create our Emmett Cherry Festival website, Facebook, Linked In and Twitter accounts.  Emmett Cherry Festival has been celebrated annually for 80 years with attendance of 45,000-50,000 over 4 days and we understood our need to connect with those that participate and attend our event, thus bringing Debbie on board brought us to a new level.

The Chamber works closely with all vendors, both expo and food, as well as the entertainers and sponsors.  With the tools Debbie had she was able to make and build relationships with all of the above.  It is our mission to maximize opportunities for our members and businesses to grow.  We recognize that those participating in the Cherry Festival are all businesses in need of networking and additional marketing.  The campaign she created was extremely successful with results indicative of a campaign operating in its 2nd or 3rd year.   Some of the Statistics are:

  •             Facebook Page Results-created on April 21, 2014- 0 likes
  •             June 23, 2014- 1,405 Likes (page fans liking our new page)
  •             Total monthly reach- 66,472 (unique views of our posts in 28 days)

Debbie created a “Scene Through Your Eyes’ Photo Contest that accomplished a couple of goals.  First it connected those that had heart and had attended our event for years and those that needed to see the photos of the past.  This in turn made them want to participate in the event. Some of the Statistics are:

  •             Start Date:  May 24, 2014      End Date:  June 7, 2014
  •             47 Entries
  •             1.37K Visits to the Photo Contest
  •             818 Votes
  •             68 Invites

Debbie through her business, Strategic Mobili, has connected with several vendors and entertainers from the Cherry Festival to continue to market for their businesses, seeing that they travel from event to event.

I see the importance of keeping Debbie on board with the Chamber to run our Social Media Marketing campaigns for our events.  She is moving forward to start work on our Annual Harvest Festival and Street Fair held in October. We look forward to continuing this work with Debbie, thus growing our events and membership here at Gem County Chamber.

Please let me know if you have any questions, please call at 365-3485.  Again I am very pleased with all Debbie has done for us here at the Gem County Chamber and look forward to working with her in the future.

Sincerely, Dian Streeby, Executive Director Gem County Chamber of Commerce

Debbie Morris, dba Strategic Mobili has been a consultant for the Steelhead Inn, LLC since early 2012. We hired SMS to improve the web site for the Steelhead Inn (, and provide marketing services for this small motel business.

Debbie exhibited excellent communication and technical skill during the development of the Facebook site for Steelhead Inn. Since that time the number of “customer inquires” and “likes” on Facebook have increased very significantly. SMS has identified & associated the Steelhead Inn sites with a number of events and businesses in the Pacific Northwest. A majority of our business is now booked through customer contacts generated on the Internet.

Mrs. Morris has a very broad knowledge of strategic marketing, site development, and supporting data collection. She has consistently provided the Steelhead Inn with timely and accurate site testing and monitoring. Phone, Fax, and Internet communications are monitored for consistency and any errors addressed in a very timely manner. She has always been very consistent and punctual. Her communication skills are excellent.

Overall, Debbie Morris has a high degree of technical knowledge. Even more significant, she knows when and from whom to seek aid on issues above her technical expertise. Debbie has always shown a drive to keep pushing forward to complete a task. She has shown good organization skills. Very talented and able to think “out of the box”.

As owners of the Steelhead Inn, we have been very fortunate to find someone with the skills and drive to help us successfully re-launch a business that had been closed for 7 years. Debbie Morris is totally eligible to rehire. Sincerely, Kenneth & Nancy Brown, Steelhead Inn

“Debbie is an amazing woman to work with. Her knowledge is few and far between. I asked her for her help and instantly my business was headed for success in the social marketing world. Her reach on concepts and marketing all over the US is very beneficial because it opens up so many doors. She defiantly gets the job done. Debbie is a great asset to Sound Media of Idaho and we are happy to have her on our team! Thank you Debbie.”

Chere Steider, Sound Media of Idaho

“Truly its been shocking to think of how Social Media has transformed EVERYTHING about advertising & marketing…in case you need Facebook marketing -here’s the company I hire for my clients. NEVER have been disappointed with the results. Strategic Mobili – Social Media Marketing”  New Media Resources

“Thank you Debbie for all your hard work and expertise on our fb page, Great working with you!” Norm Sjodin

“Thank you so much for all your help. Very happy with the end result!! You rock!!” Kathy Sjodin

“Debbie knows her stuff and I am super excited to see where she will be helping me take my business! I HIGHLY recommend her and her expertise!!! We are SOOOOO pleased with Debbie’s services and how she created our new business page for Scottys Pottys Plumbing. She took a little idea and created a great tool for us! Again, I highly recommend her and her expertise!” Judy Myers, Scotty’s Potty’s Plumbing

“To Whom It May Concern, Debbie Morris was highly effective in increasing awareness of our facebook page, website and business as well increasing the likes on our facebook page. She met our deadlines and expectations. We would not hesitate to contact her again for future campaigns.

Sincerely, Susan & Sher Mrs Idaho America Team 3746 N Legacy Woods Ave Meridian ID 83646 208-870-3722 Sher 208-859-3809 Susan

” I need to give a huge THANKS to my dear friend Debbie Morris, who created that amazing facebook page for me on the fly yesterday, so I could keep pounding the pavement to find my daughter. If you ever need help with your facebook marketing, she is amazing. Within a few hours, I had people calling me from all over the country trying to help me find Abby…” Tamara Nielsen

“Learning how to optimize my Facebook marketing! These classes are top notch, I highly recommend them!” Meghan Fulcher

“Love this company & what they do! They did my new logos and Facebook page for my business. Please check it out and show Debbie Morris some love!” Callie Kit King

Strategic Mobili ROCKS!!!! Sharon Katzke, Photonic Healing – Home of AAH Light

“To Whom It May Concern: I would like to highly recommend Debbie Morris and her company, Strategic Mobili Performance Marketing. Debbie has shown me how important social media can be when trying to promote an event, especially one as unique as ours! I am the lead organizer for the Salmon River Jet Boat Races and also held the same position for the 2012 World Jet Boat Races.

She partnered with us for both events and we could not be happier with her performance, professionalism and her drive to get the job done! She’s always looking to “top” what she has done in the past and constantly thinking of new ideas and new ways to succeed for our organization!

I love working with Debbie and am already planning for the 30th Annual Salmon River Jet Boat Races in 2014! Debbie will of course, be a vital part of the team!!!!! Thank you, Kim Friend Lead Organizer, Salmon River Jet Boat Races 208-628-3095”

“Can’t wait to see you Debbie Morris & the honor has been all ours!! We are completely thrilled with the professionalism & performance of Strategic Mobili!! We look forward to 2014!!” Kim Friend at Salmon River Jet Boat Races-Riggins, Idaho “❀╮

Hi Debbie~ Well, I received the letter informing me of the change of hands in the “Night Out” organizations. I didn’t want to let you go, without a huge THANK YOU for all your hard work, organizing (very well, I might add!), traveling & HEART you put into a huge project that you obviously enjoyed! Appreciate ALL YOU HAVE DONE; & happy for you- that now you can KICK BACK & enjoy the FESTIVITIES! Blessings & Happy Trails- You will NOT be forgotten (I’m sure you’ll still have a ‘hand’ in the efforts, somewhere ) But for now, we’ll be seein’ you out & about this summer! Blessings from your friend, Kim Cole” ჱܓ

“Debbie is the best in the business! Get your game on! She takes amazing care of us!” Steve Allen, Continuum Property Solutions LLC

“THIS LADY IS ON FIRE! Debbie has been working on my facebook page for just a few short weeks! The results have been “OUTSTANDING”. In one month my “Target Page Like’s have increased 358% from 46 to 164! Best bang for the buck the Steelhead Inn has ever experienced. Rock on lady!” Kenn Brown, Steelhead Inn – Lucile

“I came to Debbie knowing very little about having a Facebook fan page. Debbie walked me through the whole system and was so patient with me. She spent a lot of time understanding what my needs were before she explained how she could help me. I was very pleased with the page that she created for my business. Debbie also helped me get 40 likes on my page which helped my page ranking with Facebook. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for someone that can help you with Facebook marketing.” – Stacy Harshman, Your Fulfilling Life Career Coaching

“Wow, Debbie took my confusion around how and what to do with Social Media and turned into a great Business Page. Additionally, she worked to make sure my marketing was consistent in Fb, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It wasn’t long until I started getting Likes and great feedback on my page! Plus–she is reasonably priced and so likable! Charlene Bragg with Charlene Bragg, Realtor

“Just wanted to stop by and give ya some BIG LOVES for all you have done on CJ’s FB page. You have a great vision of what we are looking for and implemented that in the Halloween adds. You have taught me a lot and I am sure there is more to come. I have no doubt you will be successful in bringing your clients needs and wants to their FB pages as well. You are truly a pro Deb and we at CJ’s want to thank you and glad that you are here to make CJ’s page the best it can be. Now, let’s keep those green arrows going up! I personally thank you and many kudos from the CJ’s staff.” ~Shelley,

“I absolutely love what you are doing with our media marketing campaign for our event. Please use me as a reference, I will highly recommend you!” Sharlene Johnson, A Chocolate Fantasy-An Evening of Sweet Indulgence.

“The word is RESULTS! Strategic Mobili produces them.” Steve Allen, HoneyDoListorg

“Strategic Mobili is passionate about providing exceptional digital services to their customers. If you need to develop a successful and highly visible web presence for your business talk to them today!!” Hinsel Scott, Socialgeeksorg

“Strategic Mobili ROCKS!” Timothy Seibert