Ways to Help Improve Your SEO Rankings 2017

| March 27, 2017

mobile-friendly-web-designIt is 2017 and yes, SEO is bigger than ever. There are now 3.5 billion searches on Google daily. Despite the potential traffic, 8 out of 10 Google users won’t even bother checking the second search result page.

Every marketer needs to accept the fact that your rankings on Google can significantly affect your business one way or the other. With technology trends, as well as user preferences, a lot of things changed in the landscape of today’s SEO.

If you’ve been following the state of SEO over the years, you might be familiar with the fact that Google spiders consider content in ranking a website. High-quality content helpful to a certain niche gets the best ranking. But today, things are a bit more complicated. In 2015, mobile searches surpassed searches made on desktop and laptops.

Secured websites

Beginning 2017, Google Chrome started to favor websites that are SSL-encrypted. What SSL certification means is that user information is safe from any potential case of identity theft.

Google Chrome currently has 72.5% of the browser market which means a significant amount of traffic for marketers. This also means that those websites without SSL certification can potentially compromise traffic conversion. It will prompt users visiting websites without SSL certification that their “connection is not secure”.

Though it doesn’t affect rankings yet, it isn’t surprising if Google algorithm include this on their update sooner than we expect.

Mobile first

These days, Google also considers how your website is going to react on mobile devices. Consider this number. 80% of internet users own a smartphone. That’s a lot of people with access to the internet even when they don’t have a laptop/desktop. And there is no sign that this number is slowing down. Experts are expecting this number to still increase over the next few years.

With 48% of consumers starting their mobile search using a search engine, it isn’t surprising that Google changed its algorithm along the way.

These days, websites that are mobile-friendly rank better than those that aren’t. And for this reason, web designers and developers need to implement a mobile-first design. That simply means that marketers prioritize a website to fit into small screens.  

And why not? According to Google, 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site if they had trouble accessing it on their mobile device. 41% would even consider turning to the competitor’s website instead.

Highly convertible

If you are thinking that it is just about SEO why you should switch to a mobile responsive design, think again. Tablet device users have the highest add-to-cart rates on e-commerce websites. At 8.58% marketers enjoy the highest conversion from tablet users.

Changing opinion of marketers

Marketers are starting to accept the fact that change has come in the world of SEO and online marketing in general. 71% of marketers believe that mobile marketing is core to their business. Since it has shown high ROI and improved rankings, mobile marketing is fast becoming a top priority among marketers. By 2019, experts are predicting that 71% of ad spending will most likely come from mobile advertising.  

More reasons to consider Mobile Responsive Design

Google is known to promote what is convenient to its users. If you’ve observed changes in Google’s algorithm over the years, it has allowed users to find that they are looking for easily by prioritizing high-quality content in their rankings. Nowadays, given the fact that 83% of all mobile users say that seamless experience to all devices is important, Google has no other choice but to make mobile-friendly sites a priority in their search results.

If you are still not yet convinced to update your website into a mobile-friendly version, always remember that 57% of users say that they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website.

Given these numbers, marketers have no other option but to embrace change and consider a mobile-friendly website.

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