Will Your Cover Photo Meet the Newest Facebook Requirements?

| June 12, 2014

How will your brand be affected by timeline cover changes?

Facebook is the number one social media platform for small and medium sized businesses. According to Facebook, they have more than 25 million active small businesses on their site.

Why do businesses prefer to have Facebook pages?Facebook cover photo

One, there are billions of users worldwide. Secondly, an average Facebook user checks their Facebook 23 times everyday for updates. And finally, Facebook’s ever improving search algorithm makes it possible for businesses to target their desired market and be found by online consumers.

A New Cover Photo Format

If there is anything Facebook taught us over the years, it is the value of aesthetics. Consumers today are becoming more and more visual. With viral memes and videos, things that they see affect the way they share content, interact within the comment section, or even buy products. Facebook announced that there will be a change in the timeline effective this Friday (June 13, 2014 and my youngest’s 21st birthday ;p) for their pages. Are you supposed to be alarmed? What this means is a new look for followers and a new format for the page managers. The thing that is affected the most by the newest update is the cover photo of your Facebook page. Will the update create a different size for the cover photo? No. Though there is no change on the size, there are things that will be overlaid on your cover photo.

Why you does your cover photo matter?

Your cover photo is an extension of your brand. It is an introduction to your business for new visitors. It is your billboard! You want that first impression to be powerful and stately. Just any old thing for a business cover photo will not position you favorably with online consumers. There are many ways on how you can maximize the cover photo. This addition to social media pages allowed better engagement and even conversion to clients.

Call to action

There are those cover photos that invite you to do specific action. This means that it can be used for different purposes whether you want to expand the likes, or you want to get them to call your number. Your cover photo should clearly state what your business does in three seconds. Interested consumers won’t dig to find what they are looking for in most instances.

Gets people intrigued to what you offer

Cover photo has the ability to get the attention of potential markets. Now, with a new format on Facebook, will your cover photo be just as appealing as it was in the past?

Introduce/feature products

It is also possible that you introduce or feature products on your cover page. This way, the customers automatically sees what you have new.

How to cope with the new layout?

We are offering a solution to help you cope with the new Facebook business page timeline layout. We’ve been helping small to medium sized enterprises over the years when it comes to their social media marketing strategies. We have a team of masters in photo editing software capable of providing social media savvy, and attractive redesign for an affordable price.

For a limited time only, we are offering a cover design for the low cost of $117, a 40% off discount. This is to assist with taking the bite out of the Facebook changes to your business page and brand.  Don’t settle for a marred brand display leveled by the timeline changes. Let us help you resolve the in-congruent display you may experience tomorrow, restore your brand image, and save you money too!

Facebook cover design

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We would love to know your thoughts on these newest Facebook changes. Are the necessary? Will they make the user experiences better? Please leave us a comment!

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